Thursday, June 9, 2011

Handkerchief Bliss

I have never really given too much thought to handkerchiefs, however recently I came across the photo below and my heart started melting! Don't they just look adorable!This got me thinking about other ways to put these gorgeous delicates to good use: a pretty triangle banner, pretty cushions, ring cushions, wrap them around your wrist as a braclet, tie them to your handbag, cut out your initials and put on a banner, wrap around an old braclet to gve it new life or tuck them into your jacket blazer pocket with a bit of the pretty pattern peaking out. I now know what my new favourite collectible will be! Enjoy xo 

Handkerchiefs on display in frames

Cute Display

A beautiful floral collection

A gorgeous old world collection

Beautiful colours
Triangle Banner

Handkerchief Bracelet

Handkerchief Ring Cushion

A handkerchief wrapped around an old bracelet

Beautiful floral triangle banner
Initial Banner

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  1. Love the cute ring cushion. Thanks for dropping by Beach Vintage and hope to see you again soon.