Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chanel to Open in Brisbane

Guess what I heard recently... Chanel is to open in Brisbane! Finally our wish is coming true! And the best part is, I think I might know where they are moving to as well.  A few weeks ago I read an article in the Courier-Mail (local QLD newspaper) about Chanel launching a store Brisbane and I started to think that it probably won't happen for a while.... On the weekend when I was in my local Witchery Store, I started talking to the sales assistant who informed me that their Queens Plaza store which has frontage onto Queen Street Mall and is conveniently located near Louis Vuitton is moving to a new location upstairs. The sales assistant reassured me that yes, Chanel is going to be opening in Witchery’s old Queens Plaza location!!! This was music to my little ears and for the rest of the day, I had an extra spring in my step!

I love high end fashion brands but Chanel is very close to my heart. There are not many high end fashion brands that are still at the top of their game in all genres, yet Chanel is one of them. This iconic brand is well known for its Chanel no. 5 perfume, tweed jackets but most importantly, the classic 2.55 handbags. I and am very lucky that I have received a black classic lamb skin black 2.55 Chanel Handbag as a gift, but don't be mistaken; I wouldn't be able to afford one on my budget. There is something breathtaking about these handbags. You open the box and all you can smell is the gorgeous lambskin. When you lift it out of its box it feels soft, smooth and luxurious. If there is anything that I cherish so much in my wardrobe, it is this handbag.

In honour of the ever so chic Chanel, I thought it was fitting that I share some of my favourite Chanel Photos..


Monday, May 30, 2011

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Vintage Photos

I thought I would share some gorgeous pictures I have had on hand for over 12 months now. I actually found these pictures in a 2010 Barbie calendar. Being a savvy shopper I couldn’t part with $40 for the calendar so I waited and waited and eventually it came on sale! Much to my surprise I was there in the boxing day sales and snapped one up for under $10! My goal is to put these images in frames and admire them every day. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Welcome to my blog, Cherish Maree Vintage, where I will discuss my love of vintage clothing and home wares, travel , fashion in the 21st Century and how you can be a style queen and have still stick to your budget! In the coming months I will be launching an online store which will showcase only the best in vintage treasure that is handpicked exclusively for Cherish Maree Vintage.

I am very passionate about achieving a designer look on a budget, whether it be recovering an old chair, discovering gorgeous old china for a tea party or wearing an outfit that is the envy of your friends and cost you under $100. For a long time now I have been living by this mantra. I think it all started from being a poor uni student and watching all the budding fashionistas around me wearing their designer threads. I thought to myself, how can I get the same look but on my budget? So I turned to vintage clothing and accessories and since then have never looked back! I am not sure what it is that I love about vintage clothing and home wares  so much, is it the chase of a bargain? The thrill when you’re going through racks and racks of clothes that you manage to find a gorgeous maxi dress or cute vintage clutch? Or is it the fact that your wearing something that chances are, nobody else will have in their wardrobe?

There are a few items that I own and my mind starts to wonder about who owned the garment originally? I recently found a gorgeous vintage white 1970’s wedding dress (picture to come) that was tailor made at Gardems in Brisbane. I wonder about  the woman who wore this gorgeous dress? Was she young? Did she marry her childhood sweetheart? And most importantly, what accessories did she wear with it? Unfortunately I don’t think I will leave the dress as is as I won’t wear it, it’s too short and comes up near my ankles which I don’t think is a very good look. This is one of the many common hazards with vintage clothing, as people 30 years ago where shorter and more petite that women today. The hemlines are too short, the bust can sometimes be a bit of a squeeze and the arm seams are too high and consequently you find that it is easy to bust the seam.

On another note, I thought for my first post I would share one of my current projects that I am working on. I found these gorgeous retro 50's wrought iron chairs on eBay over 12 months ago and they have been sitting in my shed looking very sad. I was recently inspired by some that i saw at Black & Spiro and thought to myself, it is well time to give these babies a bit of love. Today my goal was to remove the tired looking seats so they are ready to go to the powder coaters. I am going to get them painted white and currently a little unsure on what fabric for the seats. I am thinking something bright and groovy. 

 My gorgeous chairs before their make over

 Chairs with no seats

 Old and tired seats ready for the bin.... if only i could salvage the fabric as its kinda cute!

Rusty old nails ready for the bin!
Chairs at the recent Black & Spiro sale featuring gorgeous Trina Turk fabric